TAG SLC is a trusted real estate development and investment company seeking long-term investor alliances to capitalize on investment opportunities in the Salt Lake market. We generate strong returns
and capital appreciation for our partners by specializing in acquisitions, value-generating renovations, ground-up development, and asset management of multi-family and commercial assets.

TAG SLC performs as an “Operator,” meaning that we manage our investments directly. This allows for greater operational control and increased efficiency in executing our business strategies.

We offer investment opportunities for several private equity vehicles, including institutional equity, joint venture capital, and high net worth individuals.

Company Overview

Founded by Jordan Atkin in February 2010, TAG SLC has gained experience and shifted with markets to grow into what it is today. Since its founding, we have been involved in over 200 real estate transactions aggregating an existing and potential unit count of over 1500 units.

TAG SLC has extensive experience in acquisitions, market evaluation, debt and equity financing, property management, and value-add improvements.

Our investment strategy is to target opportunistic acquisitions of class B and C properties located in the Salt Lake market that present strong long-term value.

Acquisitions of value-add multi-family and commercial properties located in the Salt Lake market assist in providing investors meaningful short to mid-term returns.

Our investment criteria are two-fold. First, to seek acquisitions that generate current cash flow above 7% and long-term internal rates of return in the mid-teens. Second, to pursue acquisitions of well-located assets with good economic upside potential.

Investment Process

We begin the investment process by underwriting and touring potential acquisitions. The underwriting process is led and reviewed by our investment and management teams. This process enables us to leverage our investment experience and market-based knowledge at the asset level, to provide a more accurate forecast in our underwriting.

For every potential acquisition, TAG SLC completes a comprehensive due-diligence report that includes a zoning analysis, site study, multi-year financial forecast, deferred maintenance summary, market research, lease audit, and a unit-by-unit physical inspection.

Due to our strong alliances with long-term lenders and investors, TAG SLC can move swiftly on potential acquisitions that offer favorable investment prospects.

Key Acquisition Factors

Property Location

Zoning Potential

Physical Condition

Submarket Specific Economic Factors

Macroeconomic Investment Impact

Partnership Goal

Provide High Net Worth Individuals access to real estate based investment opportunities in the Salt Lake market.

Acquire Class B and C assets that are well-located and offer growth potential to Class A and B type assets. Create short to mid-term passive income while utilizing local zoning knowledge to create unparalleled long-term upside. Our longer-term approach helps us create balanced portfolios that can withstand changes in market conditions.

Targeted Yield

Low to mid-teen levered IRR’s

Distributions to exceed 7%

Capital Requirement

Seeking Joint Venture or High Net Worth capital for strategic acquisitions. Hold periods are established between partners and based on individual deal merits.