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A TAG SLC Exclusive Development


This Project

Salt Lake City’s Marmalade Historic District is a triangular area distinguished by steep narrow streets and a variety of vintage residential buildings. This neighborhood stands as a monument to the taste and resourcefulness of early inhabitants. This area, just to the north of downtown, is a nice place to stroll on summer nights and hop from bar to bistro within a a few blocks. This new construction will be a mix of condos and row homes and will provide great living space to a rejuvenated community.



  • 21 condos
  • 5 row homes
  • Off-Street Parking
  • Private Garage
  • Access to City Transit and i15
  • Condos: 900 Sq Ft Per
  • Row Homes: 1400 Sq Ft Per
  • Developed by TAG SLC: 2018
  • Selling Price: Inquire